Fall Ball Rules

FALL BALL: Modified 7 on 7 Field Lacrosse Rules


  1. All games are seven vs. seven: six field players and one goalie. 
  2. Teams must have a minimum of 7 players to ensure competitive games. (6 runners and a goalie) 
  3. Two attack players, 2 middies, 2 defenders and a goalie will comprise a team on the field. 

Bench Staff: 

  1. Coaches will be in charge of team discipline and act as the team’s representative. 

Game Format:

  1. Play will be a round robin format with no more than 3 games per day. 
  2. Games consist of two 25 min. halves with a 3-minute halftime. Stop time last 2 minutes of second half, only if score difference is 5 or less. 
  3. For a face-off, middies will be positioned on the sideline to the left of their draw man. Attacks and Defence must stay behind the goal line extended until possession is called. Goalie must stay in crease until possession is called. There is a face-off after every goal, except for section “d” below.
  4. If a team falls behind by 8 or more goals, they are awarded the ball at midfield after they have been scored on. 


  1. A maximum of 2 long poles may be on the field per team. 
  2. OMFLL to provide 6 by 6 nets for game play.
  3. Fields will be approx. 60 yards long and 50 yards wide.

Additional Rules: 

  1. Onside Rules- teams must have two players on the offence half and three in the defence half at all times. 
  2. All Field lacrosse penalties to be enforced. Penalties start once the whistle has begun play and the offending player has put their knee down in the penalty area. 
  3. During the game all substitutions are on the fly; players must step completely off of the field before a team-mate enters the playing field. 
  4. Players must use the change box. Change box is identified by a marker that is 5 yards on the sideline on either side of the mid half line. All changes must happen within this 10 yard box. Players are only to be in the box 5 seconds before their change is to happen, otherwise box must be clear.

Fall Ball Rules