Timer Apps

A quick reminder that every OMFLL team will be required to provide one minor official (timekeeper or scorekeeper) for each game played, as well as a timing device.  

Many of our fields will be supplied with kitchen timers similar to past years. If you prefer to use your mobile device for timekeeping, here is a list of apps that might come in handy.  We recommend that you download and test out any time app to become familiar with the features prior to use in a game.

Lacrosse Timer Apps

1. SCRBRD Lacrosse Timer (free, ios & android)

2. Scoreboard Lacrosse (free, android)

3. Lax Time & Score ($0.99, ios)

If you have other timer apps that have worked well, please share!

*OMFLL and OLA are not responsible for any app purchase costs or mobile/data charges relating to the use of timing or scorekeeping devices/apps.