Updated OMFLL Policy Paper

Thank you to the OMFLL Council Members, representing each of our lacrosse clubs, for attending the OMFLL Annual General Meeting on November 4th, 2022.  We greatly value your opinions and collaboration as we all work together and continue to grow the sport of field lacrosse.

This past AGM the OMFLL Council reviewed and voted on 11 proposed amendments to the OMFLL Policy Paper.  The following amendments were approved by vote from the OMFLL Council and representatives of the Lacrosse Clubs.  Please use link for the full updated Policies & By-Laws, OMFLL Policy Paper, which is also stored in Documents for future reference.

Summary of Amendments

1. Section 10, Playing Misconducts - revised for only Expulsion & Foul Out to miss following game & fine assessed (removed Banishments)

2. Appendix 4, Modified 8 on 8 (U11) Rules - revised max. long pole length to 52"

3. Section 7, Rules of Play, Uniforms - modified to reference World Lacrosse Rules

4. Section 2, Player Eligibility - revised U9 to include ages 6, 7, 8 years old in current playing year

5. Section 4, Rosters - teams may use up to 3 players from the next lower age group (removed reference to divisions)

6. Section 3, Council Membership - any new OMFLL Clubs will be required to include U9 or U11 team & removed 'bonds'

6. Policy Paper - revised numeration format

7. Policy Paper - revised FIL > World Lacrosse, revised CLA/Canadian Lacrosse Association > Lacrosse Canada, revised to "Club(s)

** The above is a summary only of the amendments passed on November 4th.  If any By-Law or Policy is in question the OMFLL Policy Paper will stand.